We are carefully focused on balancing our entrepreneurial spirit with careful analysis and rigorous due diligence in doing so we have been able to achieve strong risk adjusted returns for our investors


Instigated from our visionary and results-driven management. This allows us to take a hands-on approach to capitalize on the right opportunities.


Our partners receive all of their principal and profit before we receive any profits, we are committed to stand behind our projects to the very end.


Capitalizing on opportunities requires flexibility. Our scale and standing enable us to be quick, nimble and opportunistic, while staying laser focused on managing risk and return.


We welcome, encourage and
co-operate with all brokers.

If you have a site, building or financial product that you think may be of interest to us the please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are typically looking for time adjusted returns greater than 20% on new construction.


We undertake comprehensive analysis on every opportunity and thoroughly evaluate its weaknesses and threats. Our risk-based approach enables us to anticipate potential pitfalls, set safeguards from the outset and ensure that every opportunity matches on-the-ground reality.


While our investment structures are flexible on a case by case basis; our investment partners are accredited investors who meet or exceed local and international exemption requirements.